• Jessica Janoski

Meet my family

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

My family and I live in St. Louis Park and have been here for more than 10 years. I have been married to my husband Jason for 14 years and counting, and we have two daughters - Ella and Ava. Both attend Park Spanish Immersion, a school we feel extremely lucky to be a part of.

I grew up in Davenport Iowa and had the opportunity to attend both public and private schools. I met my husband while attending college and we both attended the University of Iowa - go Hawks! We were married in 2005 and moved to Minnesota in 2007. We began researching areas in the Twin Cities to buy a home and came upon St. Louis Park and immediately fell in love with it. After touring homes in SLP, we bought a home in the Cedar Manor neighborhood in May 2009. Two years later we welcomed our first daughter Ella and two years after that, our second daughter Ava came along and that completed our family.

We keep busy with the girls' in school and activities. They are involved in dance, baseball, running, swimming and Girl Scouts. I have recently taken up biking and love the many trails that the area has to offer. My husband is our resident IT guy and loves all things technology. He keeps us up to date on all the newest gadgets and always fixing our parents internet or computers.

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